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Data Management

Master the data chaos. Discover the value in your data.

Turn raw data into intelligence.
Get an overview over your data. Search, filter and select data for your AI.
Make AI-powered Digital Twins.
With our Digital Twin pipeline, collect sensor data and train your AI models, based on your 3D model.
Build your own Digital Twin arrow_forward
Digital Twin of an Engine
Connect with your data sources.
Integrate existing data sources easily into DatenLabel and use data directly from your cloud, network or local storage.

Data Preparation

Turn your data into intelligence. Use smart tools to produce high-quality data and AI.

Label smart, not hard.
Label faster and more accurately with AI-powered tools. Integrate your own AI models with our plugin system.
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Topdown Drone Shot
Topdown Drone Shot Labels
Higher quality AI.
Integrated QA steps will improve dataset quality. This in turn results in higher quality AI models.

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AI Training

Make AI training as easy as ordering pizza. Use your valuable data to create powerful AIs.

Train with one click.
Select your model and let the Model train your AI on your data.
Training Done
Total Time: 10:20h
Start Training
Estimated Time: 19:00h
Training Done
Total Time: 12:45h
Validate trained models.
Measure your AIs performance and make sure it meets your standards and if not, check what the reason is.
Benchmarks 🏆
NameModelTraining datasetbox APGradeBenchmark dataset
Cat Detector v3 YOLOv7Cats and DogsCats v2
Cat Detector v2YOLOv6Cats and Dogs56.2A+Cats v2
Cat Detector v1YOLOv5Cats v252.7A-Cats v2
Old Cat Detector v3YOLOv3Cats v246.3B-Cats v2
Old Cat Detector v2Mask R-CNNCats v137.2C+Cats v2

AI Deployment

Make AI deployment a non-issue. Easy, scalable, and secure deployment using ready-to-ship containers.

Fast and easy deployment.
With our containerized packages, deploying your trained AI models becomes incredibly easy, flexible, scalable, and fast.
Data privacy and security.
Run your AI models on your hardware, in your network. Our isolated AI instances provide you with an extra layer of security.

Avoid common mistakes

of the time is spent on data processing
AI and analytics projects in the cloud fail due to data quality
of decision makers have no confidence in the quality of their data

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