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Digital Twin

Digital twins model real-world events, simulate conditions with sensor data, estimate unmeasured variables using AI, integrate intelligent meta-sensors, and offer valuable benefits.

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Why Digital Twins

As an enabler technology it can solve use cases such as predictive maintenance, circularity, increasing energy efficiency

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Real-Time Insights

Unlock Immediate Understanding: Digital twins offer a real-time view of your physical assets, providing instant insights into performance, usage, and potential issues. This immediate feedback loop enables swift decision-making and operational adjustments.

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Predictive Analysis

Data-driven prediction of faulty states, monitoring sensor data, providing added value, preventing downtime, avoiding major damages, and ensuring higher product reliability

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Operational Optimization

Efficiency Redefined: By mirroring the real-world operation in a digital space, digital twins enable unparalleled efficiency. Optimize processes, reduce waste, and enhance productivity by leveraging detailed simulations and analytics to make informed improvements.


A Comprehensive Set of Tools

Built by machine learning engineers for machine learning engineers, our rich set of tools can handle a wide range of labeling requirements.



The Manager is an innovative software solution designed to streamline and enhance the data preparation process for businesses of all sizes.



The Model is a cutting-edge software solution designed to automate the training of artificial intelligence (AI) models.



B.O.D (Build, Optimize, Deploy) is an automated service designed to streamline the deployment of AI models.

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